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Helpful Tip Tuesdsay - Beam Stretching tool

A beam stretching tool? Yes, there is such a thing. It is called a strap! Our straps can add on some extra length if needed, as well as adding a stylish look to your beams. Take a look at the way this customer used three straps to make the ridge beam of a truss system that was 20 foot long fit a room that is roughly 21 feet long.
The ridge beam of the truss project was cut in half. One strap put at either gable ends of the wall and one in the middle.
The straps only need to overlap the beam an inch or so.
Like magic, it gives the impression that the beam runs the full length of the room. What will the guests see? Just beautiful beams that radiate warmth and character, pure eye candy! Only you will know that it’s faux!