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Helpful Tip Tuesday - Flippin' Corbels

Helpful Tip Tuesday - Flippin' Corbels

Flipping Corbels

Vertical CorbelHorizontal Corbel

This tip falls into the category of "Why didn't I think of that?" Or, if you've already thought of it, the category of "Well, duh." Anyway, here it is.

You're looking for a corbel that fits your space. You've found the style you like, but the available sizes all project too far, and the height looks a little skimpy as well.

The solution may be as simple as rotating the corbel a quarter turn. Our website shows most corbels oriented horizontally, with the projection greater than the height. But that's arbitrary.

You can flip any corbel in either direction. There's nothing about the corbel itself that requires "This side up." The "top" and the "side" are interchangeable.

So if you're running into dimensional problems, try flippin' it.