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Gable Brackets, Wood Corbels, Beams, and More: brick & batten Blog On Barron Designs

Gable Brackets, Wood Corbels, Beams, and More: brick & batten Blog On Barron Designs

Barron Designs has partnered with a virtual exterior design company, brick & batten, to dive into the use of our faux wood and real wood products in the exterior of your home! Brick & batten exists to empower clients to make informed decisions regarding their home's exterior and create lasting value. They saw the value in using Barron Designs faux wood products as an exterior design factor and discussed in their blog the details of utilizing our gable brackets, wood corbels, beams, and more. 

Read their blog Gable Brackets, Wood Corbels, Beams, and More: Barron Designs for an in-depth look into the value of architectural products for exterior design. "Nonstructural architectural products like those offered by Barron Designs elevate the look and feel of a façade. Typically, they clad an existing structural element (e.g., columns) or are a purely decorative architectural enhancement (e.g., trusses and corbels). Our designers find that these products are great visual tools. They can help draw the eye to an entryway or highlight a home’s unique geometry. For the most part, Barron Designs’ products aren’t really necessary — but neither is exterior paint. And how boring would our neighborhood walks be without paint?" 

Brick & batten uses virtual design and design experience to create realistic imagery for you to design your exterior space or home. If you have ever wanted a hands-on look at what Barron Designs faux wood beams or wood corbels would look like in your area, now is your chance. 

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