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Fireplace Wall Design with Stacked Stone

Fireplace Wall Design with Stacked Stone

From start to finish, a Barron Designs customer shares his project process.

Fireplace Wall Design Featuring Stacked Stone

Artificial stacked stone panels look indistiguishable from the real thing.

Close up, our stacked stone faux panels are incredibly realistic.

As you'll hear us tell you time and time again, one of the best things about our faux panels is that they're incredible easy to install.

This wall design project is a great example. These photos, sent to us by Barron Designs customer Jeffrey L., demonstrate the process from start to finish.

Jeffery had a fireplace to finish in his living room, and chose to use our Colorado Stacked Stone Toasted Vanilla panels and corners to do it with.

These vividly textured faux stone panels perfectly recreate the look of authentic stacked stone; like many traditional stone fireplaces are made from.

Sophisticated looking room with a central fireplace design.

Easy as A B C. Jeffrey started with clean drywall to install his panels on.

As the pictures illustrate, Jeffrey started off with bare drywall to install on. Because of the narrow width of the fireplace, he had to measure the width and cut our panels to size before installation.

That's actually a very simple process. Because our wall paneling is made from lightweight and durable polyurethane foam, it can be cut to size with a regular wood saw. All Jeffrey had to do was trim the edge off the panel to get it to fit, and then install it.

That was accomplished using construction adhesive and screws. The panel fit flush against the drywall, and within minutes it was secure. Following that first panel came the next one, to finish the fireplace section off. Like the first panel, Jeffrey had to cut a section of it off to fit; but this time he cut it from the opposite end.

That meant that when the two panels were lined up, one on top of the other, the pattern on them was slightly offset. As a result, any repetition in the molded panels was hidden; and the entire section looks like a single wall of real stone.

Faux panels start going up on this fireplace remodel.

Trimming the panels to fit is straightforward, and they attach directly to the wall with construction adhesive.

Jeffery also had to trim the top of the second panel, to get it to fit perfectly.

Once again, that's as simple as measuring the space available and cutting to fit (remember the mantra: Measure twice, cut once.)

The process for each of the other sides of the fireplace was the same - with one difference: Instead of mitering the corners (cutting the angle to fit together) Jeffrey used our Colorado Stacked Stone Corners in Toasted Vanilla instead.

These corner panel sections are made from the same materials the the stacked stone faux panels, and fit flush with them to create a perfect 90 degree angle without having to do any complicated cutting.

In Jeffrey's fireplace project, the corners actually helped create a 'framed' look which matched the style of the rest of the fireplace.

As you can see from the photos Jeffrey sent us, the installation process is pretty straightforward - and the end results look amazing.

At a glance, it would be impossible to tell this wasn't a real stone fireplace; despite the fact that it cost a fraction of the price, and took just hours to install.