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Fire Sprinkler System Inside Hollow Beams

Fire Sprinkler System Inside Hollow Beams

Fire safety is a serious concern for all homeowners - and the hollow design of faux beams offers a great compromise between style and safety.

Hollow faux wood beams make a perfect way to hide sprinkler system pipes while beautifying your home. Sprinklers can make the difference between life and death - and our faux beams are the perfect way to blend them seamlessly into your home.

Installing a Fire Sprinkler System Within Hollow Beams

In many parts of the country, lawmakers are considering requiring all new house builds to have fire sprinkler systems installed. And even if it's not law in your part of the country yet, it's a smart idea to consider if you're renovating or improving your home or ceiling.

A sprinkler system works to suppress fires by dousing them in water and starving them of oxygen. Their simplicity - a simple jet triggered by the melting of a wax seal - belies their sophistication. The star-shaped metal metal head is scientifically designed to dissipate water in the form that will most effectively suppress fire; in tiny droplets, streams or even a fine mist.

In office blocks, ceiling tiles hide the pipes of the sprinkler system beneath sterile polystyrene tiles - but for most homeowners, that's not a look that's either practical, or desirable.

And that's where our beams come in.

The beams are all hollow - available as either a u-shape with the top side left open, or an enclosed box. This means that rigid ceiling fixtures - like the pipes of a sprinkler system - can be concealed within the beams attached to the ceiling.

As for the sprinklers themselves - these can be installed in a similar fashion to recessed lighting or vents. Using a regular power drill, it's possible to cut a hole in the beams' tough, but lightweight polyurethane material and seamlessly connect the sprinkler to the pipes running inside. Just remember to make sure that your beam design doesn't interfere with the safe operation of the sprinkler.

Even better, many of our beams are available fire-rated, for additional peace of mind - and are resistant to water, moisture and rot; which would be an issue with real wood in the event of the sprinkler system leaking.

By combining faux beams with a state-of-the-art sprinkler system, it's possible to add the latest and safest fire suppression technology to your home without spoiling the stylish interior you desire.