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Faux Wood Column Wraps for Exteriors and Interiors

Faux Wood Column Wraps for Exteriors and Interiors

Customers love how our faux wood beams add a warm finishing touch to their ceilings, but that’s just the beginning of what these attractive and versatile beams can do. As many professional designers and do-it-yourselfers have discovered, faux wood beams can bring a whole new look to the outside of your home, too.

When you’re looking for ways to refresh the exterior columns on your porch or patio, our faux wood beams are the perfect solution. They’re an affordable and attractive alternative to high-maintenance exterior wood column wraps and, with the right tools, are easily installed in just a few hours.

Every faux wood column wrap is designed for durability as well as for good looks. They’re treated with a UV-resistant finish to protect them from the sun and slow down the fading process. Although they are guaranteed to withstand normal outdoor conditions for 15 years without splitting, cracking, rotting or peeling, you can expect them to last even longer with the right care and conditions.

When (and Where) to Use Faux Wood Column Wraps

Support columns are essential for your home’s roof, and if you have a porch or patio with an overhang, they need support columns. But sometimes, those supports might have been installed with more thought to function than form, and you want something that is more elegant and attractive. Or maybe they’re starting to show their age and you want to update them — but replacing supporting columns is expensive and is best done by a professional. That’s when faux wood column wraps can give you the look you want while saving you both time and money.

Just as our interior wood column wraps have helped many homeowners create a fresh new look for their basements or living rooms, they can provide the same kind of update for the outside of your home.

Since you’re going to cover a beam that is attached to an existing structure at the top and bottom, it’s important for you to choose a four-sided beam. On four-sided beams, one side is removable, which allows you to fit the faux beam around the existing column and then attach the fourth side. When it’s finished, it will look like a solid piece of wood.

Our beams come in a variety of finishes and colors, and once you’ve found the style of beam or beams that you’re interested in, we recommend ordering samples first to make sure the style achieves the look you want and is the right color and texture for your home.

6 Steps to Installing Exterior Faux Wood Column Wraps

If you’ve decided that an exterior faux wood column wrap is the way to go, you’re probably wondering how difficult it is, what’s involved and how long it will take. Although you can hire a professional handyman if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself, we’ve made the process so simple that even a novice can complete this project in a weekend with help from a friend or willing family member. The same steps can apply to your interior column wraps as well, but for your exterior project you’ll want to ensure the installation is weatherproof and watertight; we’ll show you how. Here are six easy steps to installing your faux wood column wrap:

  1. Get the correct size of the column you’re going to cover. Columns can range dramatically in size; steel beams tend to be just a few inches in diameter, while wooden or cement beams are probably going to be much thicker. Make sure the hollow area of the faux beam you’ve selected is large enough to fit around the existing support beam. Our beams are available in a number of widths and depths, and if you’re not sure that it will fit, reach out to ourcustomer experience and design support team with your questions. They’ll make sure that you get a product to fit your specific needs.
  2. Next, measure the height of the column. We recommend that you always buy a column wrap just a couple of inches longer than needed to make sure you get the proper fit. Since our faux wood beams are made from lightweight polyurethane, they’re easy to cut to size with a standard wood saw. Once you have the beam, measure again to make sure it’s going to fit perfectly, then cut it to size.
  3. Decide what look you want for your base and top. You might want to have your faux wood column wrap attach to a simple wood frame built around the existing column, or you might want to place wood at the base and top of the beam to ensure that it stays in place. Or, if you prefer, you can install molding around the beam’s top and base. There’s no single “right” way to do it; it’s a matter of what works for your project and which look you prefer. Again, if you have any questions, our customer experience and design support team will be happy to walk you through it.
  4. After your product arrives, you’re ready to get started! It’s a simple process, and it starts with inspecting your column closely to make sure it’s in perfect condition. Assemble all the tools you’ll need for the job and make sure they’re fully charged. You’ll need a wood saw (if you’re cutting it to fit), a drill, glue, measuring tape and screws. Remember your safety glasses, too!
  5. Install the beams with the help of another person. While our beams are lightweight and easy to handle, you’ll find the job goes faster if you have someone to help you hold them in place during installation. Our website features both written instructions, and installation videos. For your outdoor installation, it’s important to completely seal the fourth side (with caulk in addition to adhesive and brads) to ensure it’s weatherproof for long-lasting style.
  6. Share your project with us! This one is optional, of course, but we always love seeing the innovative way our customers use our products.

Whether you’re a novice DIY-er or a seasoned fixer-upper, this is a simple weekend project that will transform your porch or patio. You’ll love the way it looks, and you’ll also love how fast and easy it is to complete.

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