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Faux Panels give a New Face to a Custom Grill

Faux Panels give a New Face to a Custom Grill

Backyards and barbeques are an American tradition - and creating a unique and practical BBQ is a right of passage for every American homeowner! Here's a photo customer Fred sent us, showing how he'd used our panels to add a custom look to his gas-fired grill.

Using artificial stone paneling, Fred was able to give his grill a completely new look that enhanced the appeal of his backyard. Fred's grill looks amazing with it's new faux panel facade.

Barron Designs customer Fred M. from Twinsburg, Ohio loves a good grill-out - and now's he's got a grill to be proud of, after using our panels to give his classic gas-fired grill an awesome synthetic stone facelift.

I wrapped my existing metal-clad grill with natural gray stacked stone," Fred emailed us to say, "and I really like the look!"

It was actually a remarkably easy process to complete, too - as our faux stone panels attached directly to the metal of his existing grill using regular construction adhesive.

The only carpentry Fred had to do was to cut the panels to size with a regular wood saw, and complete the angles where both sides of the panels meet.

Because our panels are molded from tough and lightweight polyurethane foam, cutting them to shape was simple. When it came to the corners, we think Fred did a great job using a square panel cut; slicing off the ends of each panel to line them up together.

Fred, though, is a perfectionist - and writes: "I now wished I'd used the staggered panels in lieu of the square panel cut, as I can't conceal the vertical joint."

Personally, we think they look great; but if you're thinking of completing a similar project, we'd recommend taking Fred's advice, and also looking up how to miter a corner for a totally seamless join.

If you've completed a similar project, we'd love to see it. Upload pictures to our Project Submissions page. We might even feature them here!