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Exterior Home Renovation with Drystack Siding

Exterior Home Renovation with Drystack Siding

Catherine Calisto was worried her house was a neighborhood eyesore. Well, that's no longer the case!

We get a lot of photos and emails from satisfied customers, and most are very proud of the improvements they've made using our products. There are few projects that have made quite such a dramatic improvement as the exterior home renovation undertaken by customer Catherine Calisto; who turned it from the neighborhood's ugly duckling into a stunning local landmark with the help of Drystack siding.

Home exterior before picture BEFORE: Catherine's house was unlikely to win any beauty contests.

"We have waited a long time to get our house sided," Catherine writes, in the email that accompanied these before and after pictures. "You could say our house was an eyesore in our neighborhood!"

Catherine's home wasn't about to win any beauty contests - with broken and missing siding, the place looked practically abandoned; and you can see why Catherine wanted to give it a face lift.

But she also didn't want to settle for cookie-cutter vinyl siding.

"We wanted an unique look," Catherine admits, "and we sure got it with your Drystack panels."

Exterior home renovation project featuring new Wellington Drystack siding on the lower half of the house. AFTER: With new paint and Drystack siding, Catherine's exterior home renovation was a big success.

Catherine's siding project was two-tiered. For the majority of her home, she went with a bold powder blue paint job. We think it looks fantastic.

But the part we like best is where it looks like the house was built on an authentic stone foundation. This is where Catherine uses the Drystack siding panels - matching them with ledgers and corners for a totally seamless finish that looks vividly authentic.

"We have gotten so many compliments," Catherine says. "From the panels themselves, to the overall look of the house. We've also had many inquiries about your panels."

"We still have some landscaping to do," she confesses, "but could not be any happier with the outcome of the siding.  Thank you for your help!"

We think the finished project looks amazing - and with the vibrant blue paint and new siding, Catherine's house has gone from a neighborhood eyesore, to the home everybody wants to live in.