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Exceptional DIY Kitchen Makeovers with Beams

Exceptional DIY Kitchen Makeovers with Beams

DIY kitchen makeovers with faux ceiling beams.

Kitchens have always been known to be the heart of a home.  They are the space where family members get together for the preparation of meals, to relax, eat, talk about how their days went, entertain friends, or even get work done.

As one of the most central parts of a house, its decor is vital.

DIY Kitchen Makeovers with Beams

Our customers who have taken up DIY kitchen makeovers large or small with faux beams could not be more thrilled by the difference they have made.

From simple designs such as a single beam to accent the header between your kitchen and living room, to more elaborate ones like trusses or coffered layouts, bringing new life to your kitchen is easy with these beams.

Kitchen makeover with Timber style beams on the ceiling.

Our customers love them not just because they are lightweight, affordable, and easy to install, but also because they add a whole new dimension of style and vigor, without taking up valuable floor or wall space.

Take a look at the photos below of our customers’ projects.  You’ll see that designs that would be very difficult to create with real wood beams are achievable with faux.

Kitchen and living room featured on Extreme Makeover with Pecky Cypress beams.

Open plan kitchen, dining room, living room with polyurethane wood style beams.

Kitchen makeover on TV's I Hate My Kitchen with single ceiling beam accenting the divider wall.

Woodland beams installed in a T-shape formation in a kitchen.

Kitchen with vaulted ceiling made over with new beams.

Kitchen with rustic style ceiling beams

Kitchen with ceiling beams arranged in a grid pattern.

Wood style beams added to a recessed kitchen ceiling with recessed and hanging lights.

Open plan kitchen living room area with exposed beams installed on the recessed ceiling.

Kitchen ceiling beams arranged in traditional parallel layout.

Before and after picture of a single ceiling beam installed over a kitchen's countertop