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Eco-Friendly Siding: Alternatives to Vinyl

Eco-Friendly Siding: Alternatives to Vinyl Eco-friendly benefits give customers another reason to 'go faux' for their siding, as an alternative to vinyl. Faux panels are an eco-friendly siding alternative to vinyl. You can side an entire exterior with FauxPanels. Vinyl siding is something of an institution in America. Invented to replace traditional wood or shingle siding on wood-framed houses, its versatility and affordability has made it the go-to for home builders for generations. In recent years, products like faux panels have definitely dented that market monopoly. People looking for something a little different are impressed by the vivid realism of their stone, brick and wood looks - and the cost and ease-of-installation definitely agrees with their budget. Beauty Without Chemicals But now it looks like there might be another reason to choose our panels for your home exterior - they're much better for the environment, too. Before and after photo of turret shaped home exterior sided with polyurethane panels. The panels are incredibly easy to install, and look vividly realistic. Vinyl siding is made from polyvinyl chloride - a type of plastic that's cheap and easy to produce. Siding made from PVC costs a fraction of what traditional wood or shingles would, and it also lightweight and easy to install. However, polyvinyl chloride also has a downside - it's moderately volatile when exposed to extremes of temperature. Specifically, the plastic begins to degrade at high temperatures, and release a lot of chemicals as it does so. Hydrogen chloride, formaldehyde and dioxin are three of the best known of these, and all are mildly toxic. As a result, many people are deciding that they'd prefer some other siding option, rather than a material that might be emitting these chemicals. That's where 'going faux' is an attractive alternative. Unlike vinyl siding, our panels are made from lightweight and durable high density polyurethane. Notable for no degradation in high temperatures, they won't release any toxic chemicals. You can even buy many of the panels fire-rated, for additional protection against the danger of house fires. Protecting Natural Resources Another benefit to our panels is that they give the appearance of natural building materials like wood or stone, without actually having to harvest those resources for real. Nailon panels install on a home exterior just as easily as traditional vinyl siding. Deforestation and the cutting down of trees to produce real timber siding can be devastating for the environment. Likewise, quarrying for real stone and brick produces a serious impact on the environment, and can have unforeseen consequences like changing the natural flow of water in a quarry area, or destabilizing the landscape. Home with vinyl and polyurethane siding combined Even when combined with traditional vinyl siding, the result looks amazing. The Greener Choice By choosing to faux you get the best of both worlds. Our products look vividly authentic - they're so realistic, it's practically impossible to tell that they're not real wood, brick or stone.  You get the look without hurting the planet, and at a fraction of the cost of using the real thing. When you combine that reassuring information with what we already know - that our panels are affordable, easy to install and look fantastic - the benefits of 'going faux' speak for themselves. That's why each and every year products like ours become a more and more popular alternative to traditional vinyl siding.