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DIY Raised Garden Beds with Regency Rock

DIY Raised Garden Beds with Regency Rock

Using Regency Rock to Create Raised Garden Beds

Daisy from Long Island, NY is a DIYer with an eye for the creative. Check out these stunning raised garden beds she created using Regency Random Rock panels in rich Earth tone.

DIY raised garden beds made with wood frames and covered with Regency Random Rock panels.

At first glance these garden beds appear to be constructed from beautiful hand-laid stone.The truth? They are actually faux - covered in high-density polyurethane panels that are weatherproof with near zero UV degradation. They area cost-effective and stylish way for a homeowner to get the look of real stone, without having to spend money on a professional mason.

Daisy's gorgeous Nassau-county home features many beautiful design cues. Her back yard is especially gorgeous, and this avid gardener keeps it well stocked with a variety of plants, shrubs and flowers. She's also a master of creative planting - even making planters out of discarded filing cabinets.

Long Island home garden with raised flower beds.

But her garden beds are clearly the highlight of her backyard - and we're proud our panels played a part in making them.

The beds themselves are constructed from wood framing, but Daisy finished them off by covering the exterior with the panels. It was easy enough to do - she cut the panels to size with a regular wood saw, and the lightweight polyurethane attached directly to the frame with construction adhesive.

Close-up view of raised garden bed covered with rock style polyurethane panels.

It's a project that's deceptive in its simplicity - as just like the filing cabinet planters, Daisy managed to take something affordable and practical and make it look stunning with some creative thought.