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DIY Kitchen Makeover Ideas with Beams and Panels

DIY Kitchen Makeover Ideas with Beams and Panels

Beams and Panels: DIY Kitchen Makeover Ideas

Our faux and real wood beams are easy, DIY design elements to include in a kitchen makeover. Whether they're installed in simple parallel lines or in more complex placements, the look of wood in a kitchen adds exceptional warmth and character.

The photos below show just a few ideas from private home owners and professional designers who have used our beams to create spectacular looking kitchens.

Kitchen with Chamfered style beams arranged in a simple parallel pattern. Faux wood beams installed in the traditional parallel pattern

Below you can see the Timber style beams installed in a coffered pattern.  These kinds of designs are a simple way to bring depth and visual interest to flat, dull ceilings.  The grid shape is not only easy to create, but it leads to a much more dynamic space.

Kitchen makeover with ceiling beams arranged in a coffered pattern. This kitchen gets a dynamic look with a coffered beam ceiling.

Creating variation in your ceiling designs can be easily done by altering beam placement and height.  Lighting can also help to create distinctive and eye-catching spaces, such as in the image below.

Lighting under beams can help to create eye-catching spaces in a kitchen. Lighting under beams can help to create eye-catching spaces

Straps are another way to add flair to ceiling beams.  They’ll create the stylish impression of multiple wood beams being held at the seams, while enhancing the kitchen’s décor.

Kitchen ceiling beams with straps added for rustic flair. Beam straps are a simple way to add rustic flair

The décor of kitchens can also be upgraded very easily with the use of just one beam, as you can see in the photo below.

Kitchen makeover seen in I Hate My Kitchen with a new single Timber beam installed above the entranceway. A single Timber beam makes a bold statement

Beams don't have to be used only on the ceiling. One customer used our real wood beams as pillars to flank the kitchen island, creating an elegant frame around the hanging lights between.

Weathered beams are converted into gorgeous pillars surrounding a kitchen island with overhanging lights. Hollow wood beams beautifully frame this kitchen island.

In addition to the beams, wood style panels also offer a tasteful way to give your kitchen a dynamic look.  In the image below, you can see Reclaimed Barn Board Wall panels used to side a kitchen island.

Multicolor Barn Board panels used to side a kitchen island Rec Reclaimed Barn Board panels add warm appeal to this kitchen island

Make sure to to check out more photos at our Kitchen gallery.  If you'd like to get one of these looks in your own home, let us know how we can help!