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DIY Interior Design with Faux Wood: Before and After

DIY Interior Design with Faux Wood: Before and After

Before and After:Imitation Wood DIY Interior Design

Ideal for DIY interior design, imitation wood will significantly upgrade the décor of any room.  Thanks to its remarkable resemblance to real wood, faux beams and mantels give room coziness and warmth, without the intensive labor or expense.

Before and after, DIY living room project.

Crafted from molds made of actual wood beams, the polyurethane material has a highly realistic texture and appearance.  At the same time, it weights a fraction of real wood. This means you won’t need to worry about having to hire professional installers or heavy equipment to lift them.  These products will also never crack, chip, split or fade.  Maintenance free and weatherproof, they resist the elements wonderfully.  Termites leave them alone, too.

Our customers love their beams and mantels, because they get the natural beauty of real wood without the hassle.  From rustic Tuscany to Sandblasted, classic Timber to Hand Hewn, there is a style and finish for just about every style preference.

These customers also often share the Before and After photos of their design projects. See just a few below and what a difference imitation wood makes.

Custom Tuscany Beams

Before and after photo of Custom Tuscany beams installed in a wagon wheel pattern on a recessed ceiling. Custom Tuscany beams form an elegant wagon wheel design in a recessed ceiling

A gorgeous DIY interior design with Tuscany ceiling beams installed in a living room. A gorgeous DIY interior design with Custom Tuscany ceiling beams.

A before and after example of a kitchen remodeled with imitation wood beams. Custom Tuscany beams give this kitchen an elegant, rustic touch.

Custom Timber Beams

Before and after shot of a living room's plain white ceiling updated with faux timber beams. Timber beams add rugged visual interest to a family room's plain white ceiling

Before and after picture of a bedroom design with imitation wood beams installed. Timber beams add depth to a bedroom design

Sandblasted Beams

Sandblasted beams give a living room and dining area a sophisticated touch. Sandblasted beams give this living room/dining area a sophisticated touch.

Regal Beams

White ceiling beams add nice contrast to a wood planked ceiling. Regal beams add nice contrast to a wood plank ceiling

Custom Axed Mantels

Before and after photo of a fireplace remodeled with an imitation wood mantel. A drab fireplace gets a much needed update with an Axed mantel.

If you’d like to see more impressive photos like the ones above, be sure to visit our Photo Galleries.