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Custom DIY Wine Cellar with Timber Beams

Custom DIY Wine Cellar with Timber Beams

A DIY wine cellar or room is something that many wine lovers have chosen to create for themselves.  The elegance and enjoyment that a quiet, temperature-controlled environment affords the taste of a wine aficionado is often hard for them to ignore.  When the opportunity to create such a space in one’s own home is affordable, and easy to build, it’s often hard to pass up.

DIY Wine Cellar with Timber Beams

Sophisticated DIY wine cellar with Timber beams on the ceiling.

For many modern homeowners, experiencing a fuller enjoyment of wine in their homes isn’t always easy for them to imagine, let alone afford.  When Tom and Juli I. realized that Timber beams offer a cost-effective way to easily create a comfortable room to enjoy their wine and entertain company in, they quickly made the decision to dedicate their drab basement into a sophisticated wine room.

Before and after photo of a wine cellar ceiling with Timber style beams added.

Faux beams offered them an inexpensive and DIY-friendly way to turn a dull basement into an inviting and classy wine room.  Complementing the other elements of the room’s remodel, the beam's Timber style perfectly completed their vision of the wine room.

Offering a highly practical way to add a comfortable and elegant look to a home, our beams are a fantastic way to remodel any room to suit your style and preference.  Thanks to their durable polyurethane construction, they're also lightweight and extremely easy to install.

As you can see in the photos, their project ended up looking great.

Attached please find some photos of a wine room we built in our basement. We were going for a very rustic theme and felt the room needed wood beams. Obviously, weight would have been a problem so we were thrilled to have the option of the faux wood beams - they look real, but weigh almost nothing. The room wouldn't be complete without them, and everyone who sees them are in awe...they think the beams are real! Thank you!!!   - Tom & Juli I. We think the finished room looks fabulous – but what do you think?  Let us know in the comments section below!