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Cozy Kitchen Wall Remodel with Lehigh Cobblestone

Cozy Kitchen Wall Remodel with Lehigh Cobblestone

Want a kitchen straight out a French farmhouse, but live in a modern American home? A kitchen wall remodel like this one could be the answer.

Lehigh Cobblestone Featured in a Cozy Kitchen Remodel

The finished product! A stunning old world-style kitchen is recreated

A current favorite of ours and one of the coziest looking interior projects we've seen was this one - the work of an enterprising homeowner who turned their outdated, American-style kitchen into a cute and rustic retreat straight out of the old world.

The secret was using Lehigh Cobblestone panels, intricately detailed in Harvest shades. Cut to size with a regular wood saw, and attached directly to the wall with regular construction adhesive and screws, they made the boring come alive with texture, color and character.

Before and After: From drab to fab

Made from durable polyurethane foam, the panels are molded from real stone; every nook, cranny, crevice and imperfection is exactly copied and recreated.

The result? From looks alone, these panels are practically impossible to tell from the real thing.

Our design-minded homeowner finished his masterpiece by offsetting each row of panels - cutting each subsequent row of panels in half to ensure that none of the beautifully detailed patterns looked repetitive.

The panels are designed to slot together like a jigsaw puzzle, so the result was a stunning, seamless stone wall pattern that wouldn't look out of place in the kitchen of an old French farmhouse.

So what do you think? We'd love to hear your opinion - and if you've completed a similar project, please share your pictures to our Featured Projects submissions form so that we can highlight them here!