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Covering a Crawl Space with Style

Covering a Crawl Space with Style

When Manfred bought his weekend home in upstate New York, it looked very different to how it is today. That’s due to Manfred’s dedication and hard work – and his strategic use of our siding.

Manfred's pretty upstate home deserved a little love

Stylish Crawl Spaces

There were many things Manfred did to transform his pretty two-story – from adding stylish new siding to fixing up the slightly rickety looking deck. One of the major home improvements on his list, however, was “to remodel the ugly side walls of my crawl space.”

This wasn’t just to make the house look prettier. In upstate New York, which is teeming with animals like squirrels, raccoons, possums and skunks, keeping your crawl space covered is essential to prevent any uninvited house guests settling in while you’re away.

“Faux paneling struck me as ideal for this purpose,” he wrote to us, including pictures of his home before and after installation, “and ordering with the help of customer service was easy.”

As to was installation, according to what Manfred told us.

“Installation with screws and glue was idiot-proof,” he wrote, “and the panels can easily be cut by table saw.” Slightly more complicated was actually working out how many he’d need in the first place. “The interlocked panels require some thinking to ensure they are cut on the correct end, and to avoid too many left overs.”

Adding siding over the crawl space was both a stylish and practical decision

That was a challenge Manfred clearly rose to, however – and the results speak for themselves. The photos he sent to us demonstrate what a fantastic difference the stacked stone look makes; giving his home the impression of the solidity and stability of real stonework.

Manfred shares our opinion of his handwork. “Now I have a pretty, new siding, which looks perfect.” He’s also quick to add some of the more practical advantages to using the panels.  “They provide good thermal isolation for my home, and keep unwanted animals out of the crawl space.”

There was another reason why Manfred chose faux: "As the house is a weekend home, delivery of any building supplies needs to be scheduled precisely.”

That’s something much more doable with a few stacks of paneling than truckloads of real stacked stone, bags of concrete and sacks of sand. It’s also considerably more affordable.

But perhaps most importantly, using the panels allowed Manfred to add the beauty and style of stacked stone to his home in a matter of days; rather than the weeks it would have taken to stack real stone around his crawl space. Given that he only has a few days each month to enjoy his stunning upstate home, that’s an economy it seems very sensible to make.