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Ceiling Remodel with Real and Synthetic Wood

Ceiling Remodel with Real and Synthetic Wood

Ceiling Remodelling - Real and Artificial Woodwork

The ultimate test of our synthetic wood products is when they're compared to the real thing - and they normally hold up very nicely. In fact, the most common comment we get is that they're indistinguishable from real timber or wood; especially once installed on a ceiling.

Home bar's ceiling remodel with real pecky cypress and synthetic wood beams combined. This ceiling remodel used real pecky cypress, but the beams are faux. Can you tell the difference?

Brian Schmitz, however, took that test to the next level with his recent ceiling remodel. He installed our beams over authentic wood; and that's pretty much the acid test when it comes to realism.

"It's very hard to tell these are not real beams," Brian admits. "We installed them over real stained pecky cypress," and the results look fantastic.

It's especially interesting because pecky cypress is a type of wood that many of our customers reach out to us for. We manufacturer faux versions of pecky cypress because the real thing is increasingly difficult and expensive to get a hold of. This is due to the fact that the 'pecky' part is a result of the wood being eaten by fungus; and that's something very difficult to replicate outside of nature.

Pecky cypress beams molded from the real thing to capture every detail. Our pecky cypress style beams are molded from the real thing, and capture every detail.

Like all of our beams, the style Brian installed are made from lightweight and durable polyurethane foam that captures every grain, knot and imperfection of the original article; and once colored in one of our realistic finishes, it's difficult to tell they're not real wood.

Our rough hewn beams are another great example of an vivid texture perfectly captured during our molding process. Rough Hewn beam - a great example of vivid texture perfectly captured during our molding process.

What do you make of Brian's project? Can you tell what's faux, and what's real? We'd love your opinion in the comments section below.