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Building a Tiny House Foundation with Novik Fieldstone

Building a Tiny House Foundation with Novik Fieldstone

Novik Fieldstone House Foundation

This tiny house got the look of a real stone foundation without the heavy weight or expense -- built with Novik Fieldstone siding in Rocky Mountains color.

A tiny house's faux foundation created with Novi Fieldstone siding in Rocky Mountains color.

Sent in by customer David Martin, these photos show off how he used the siding to create the illusion of ancient stone supporting his little hillside home.

As you can see from the 'before' pictures, the house is a prefabricated structure, leveled and secured on concrete blocks to offset the uneven base. While this is very practical and structurally sound, David immediately felt that it didn't look right to have this cool little cabin floating two feet off the ground.

To build an actual stone or cement foundation would cost thousands of dollars and be significantly more difficult to get right - and because of the way prefabricated structures sit, wouldn't necessarily offer any structural advantages aside from looking nice. This is what sparked David into researching alternatives that looked the part, but would save him time and money in terms of installation.

Before photo of prefabricated tiny house elevated with cinder blocks.

The answer, of course, was to 'go faux.' David visited our website and saw our Novik Fieldstone panels, and realized he could use those as skirting for the empty, elevated space - giving the illusion of a solid stone foundation, but at a fraction of the cost and with no major construction required.

Putting that idea into practice was very straightforward. Regular wooden framing created a structure beneath house, and David then attached our panels directly to it using our accessory starter strips, plus screws and construction adhesive. Because the panels are made from lightweight polymer, they can be cut to size and shaped easily.

Tiny house skirting made with Novi Fieldstone siding to create the appearance of a hand-laid stone foundation.
AFTER: It's difficult to tell that this tiny house wasn't built on a hand-laid, stone foundation

The results speak for themselves. The choice of Rocky Mountain color matches the gravel and natural stone, helping this prefab structure match its surroundings and look like it's been there for decades or more.

We're thrilled to be able to showcase David's ingenuity here, and hope it gives other readers some inspiration for their own foundation projects!