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Bookshelf Makeover & Design Ideas

Bookshelf Makeover & Design Ideas

Whether you’re a lover of novels that transport you to worlds with grand castles guarded by knights and tall gates or a reader of summer romance stories that end with happy tears and warm thoughts, you undoubtedly have a special space to store those tales. Your bookshelf likely showcases many things that are meaningful to you!

Many bookshelves and cabinets are dull and drab, manufactured, and boring. Unlike your favorite book or collectible, your bookshelf is uninspiring. Transforming your bookshelf or cabinet into an exciting, eye-catching piece is super easy using faux panels.

Keep reading to learn more about giving your bookcase a makeover!

How to Use Faux Panels for Your Bookshelf Makeover

Faux panels are super versatile and come in several colors so the options for your bookcase makeover are almost endless!

Each of our faux panels can be cut to size to fit the backside of your shelves. In just a few hours, you will have a piece that brilliantly showcases your favorite novels or collectibles. The material, color, and style of panel you choose are based on your vision and how it fits into the overall atmosphere of your home.

Faux Stone Panels

Our faux stone panels give you the look and feel of the real, natural thing, and will take your ordinary bookshelf or built-ins to the next level. Simply cover the basic, drab wood paneling behind your bookcase or the painted drywall behind your built-ins with faux stone, and you’ll create an exciting backdrop for your books or items on display.

And don’t worry – we’ve got lots of options so you’re sure to find something that fits your home!

For instance, Kentucky Dry Stack is a great faux stone panel variety to complete your DIY bookshelf makeover. This variety comes in five different colors that each add warmth, texture, and interest to your bookcase design. With this, you’ll get the look and feel of real stone, without the extra cost to install and maintain it.

Another option to kick your bookshelf makeover into high gear is Dakota Dry Stack faux stone panels. This one also comes in five colors from warm vanilla tones to dark and dramatic browns. These panels are sure to make your bookcase a stunning focal point of your home.

Our best seller is Colorado Dry Stack. This beautiful panel comes in 12 colors ranging from creamy beige to motley gray and everything in between.

Faux Brick Panels

Looking for a rustic and outdoorsy feel inside your home? Faux brick panels bring warm, inviting charm to your shelving, inside your cabinetry, and more. If you’re tired of that boring, dark bookshelf, jazz it up by installing faux brick panels on the back of that bookshelf. In just a few hours, your piece feels brand new and has a whole new attitude.

If you are more of a traditionalist, our Contempo Faux Brick Panels are perfectly suited for you. These panels, made of high-density polyurethane, are tough as natural brick and come in three colors. If you want an extra pop of style, install a simple nailhead trim to the edges of the shelves.

Bookcases don’t have to just be for books. Take an ordinary bookshelf and make it into an impressive bar cabinet. All you have to do is replace the backside of the shelves with faux brick, and you’ll impress your guests every time. To complete the project, attach hanging wine glass racks to the top of your bar cabinet for easy access and better storage.

If your bookshelf has drawers, try adding new drawer pulls to accent the faux brick. For this project, try Old Chicago Faux Brick Wall Panels, which come in 10 colors including painted white.

Faux River Rock Panels

If you’re looking for an even bolder option, Faux River Rock Panels bring a dynamic vibe to your outdoor shelves, storage, or bar cabinets on your back patio or outdoor lounge area. The subtle color variations in the river rock will brilliantly enhance your piece. Just like other faux panels, adhere this one to the back panel for a quick, eye-catching makeover.

Bookshelf Makeovers: An Easy DIY Project

Faux panels are ideal for your bookshelf makeover project because they’re lightweight and easy to install yourself in just a few hours or less. There is no need to hire a mason to complete the job, saving you even more money.

Faux wood, stone, rock, and wood panels look and feel like their real, natural counterparts because they are cast from the real thing. This gives the panels the same texture, depth, and color. The durable high density polyurethane makes the faux panels resistant to weather. They won’t fade, crack, chip or peel.

And unlike natural wood, stone, and rock, faux panels are a breeze to clean using just mild soap and water! A win all around!

And don’t stop with the bookshelves. There are infinite uses for faux panels both inside and outside of your home. Learn more about how using faux panels as an accent wall can add charm and luxury to your home.

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