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Bathroom Vanity Backsplash: Total House Makeover Pt 3

Bathroom Vanity Backsplash: Total House Makeover Pt 3

Bathroom Makeover with Vanity Backsplash

For the last few weeks we've been showcasing an amazing home that was remodeled using products including faux panels and faux wood beams. There was simply too much to cover in a single blog post, so we're going room-to-room - and today it's time to explore the magnificent master bathroom and its new vanity backsplash.

If you've been reading our last few posts, you'll know the story: The owners of this amazing home fell in love with the unusual layout of the house, but were less-than-impressed with the decor. Using a combination of products from Barron Designs, they've totally transformed the house - turning every room into a showpiece, and giving the whole house the feel of a luxury hotel.

Master bathroom vanity backsplash remodeled with Norwich Stacked Stone panels in Toasted Vanilla Vanity backsplash created with Colorado Dry Stack panels in Toasted Vanilla

For anybody who has visited or stayed in a luxury resort, you'll know that the bathrooms are where the designs really come into their own - and the master bathroom in this home is no exception. The homeowners used Colorado Dry Stack stone panels in Toasted Vanilla to add a really beautiful rustic feel to the room; and the faux stone paired perfectly with the rest of the decor.

The panels themselves were installed as a backsplash and accent wall - and these are ideal applications. The panels are made from a lightweight and durable polyurethane foam which is a closed-cell polymer, and impervious to moisture, damp, mold and rot. It makes the perfect material to use in a bathroom.

Installation was fairly straightforward. The panels were trimmed to size with a regular wood saw, and then installed directly to the existing wall with construction adhesive. Because the spaces needing to be filled were clear and simple rectangles, this involved nothing more taxing than careful measurement; but the homeowners were still meticulous in their methods and the installation is seamless.

Before bathroom BEFORE: The panels were installed directly onto the existing drywall.

One of the trickier aspects of a panel installation is getting the corners right, and in this example the homeowners bypassed that challenge by using wooden corners. This actually looks beautiful, and perfectly frames the panel edges, and also complements the rest of the decor.

And that's worth talking about. Our panels were paired with ceramic tiles designed to resemble reclaimed wood, which covered one entire wall. The wood texture was mirrored with the custom cabinets, and marble sinks and counter-tops added to the luxury hotel vibe. Adding an even more exciting element is the incorporation of hidden, color-changing LED lights, like those installed in the kitchen. These are further elements that lend themselves to the use of our panels; which are ideal for hiding wires and cables beneath.

Master bathroom vaniety with LED lights behind the his and hers mirrors The LED lights highlight the vivid stone texture of the panels.

Pairing all that with a shaggy rustic carpet completed the look - giving the whole room a cohesive, cozy vibe that seamlessly blends the rustic with the sophisticated.

We love everything about this bathroom project. We think the whole room works beautifully, and are so proud to see our products working so hard to help pull the look off.