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Basement Wall Ideas: Check Out This 3 Hour Project

Basement Wall Ideas: Check Out This 3 Hour Project

Wall Redesigning with Faux Within Hours

If you're looking for basement wall ideas, it doesn't get much simpler and faster than this design project. See how Nick from southeastern Michigan added major wow factor with Somerset Dry Stack panels in the Boston color.

"This was by far one of the easiest projects we tackled for our basement," Nick wrote to us,  "It took approximately three hours to complete."

Ideas for basement wall: attach lightweight polyurethane panels that simulate real stone. The completed basement wall

We recently blogged about how long you can expect a panel installation to take - so three hours is pretty impressive! But equally impressive are the results.

"The pictures don't do it justice," Nick admits. "It definitely provides a 'wow' factor to our wall.  These panels of yours look very real, and everyone who has come over has questioned if the wall was real or not - and if it was difficult to complete!"

Beginning the remodel of a basement wall. The installation took just three hours.

The fact that it took Nick just three hours to install the panels probably answers that question - but if you want more details, he shared the entire installation step-by-step.

"Overall, the process was straightforward," Nick writes. "Once the panels were delivered, we simply started at a corner and worked our way up and across.  It was as simple as that - and once we got to the top, we just measured the difference and used a hand saw to cut off the remainder on the panel."

Adding panels that fit together like a jigsaw puzzle on a finished basement's wall. Nick described installing the panels as like putting a jigsaw puzzle together.

"The panels are very easy to cut through, but it is worth issuing a caution that they do produce a very fine dust so make sure you cover up your work area accordingly."

"We used a couple of screws on the connection joints, and applied adhesive over all of them to hold the panels up.  All the panels are relatively light, and once in place, they don't need much more than adhesive once they're set.  When you get to your next row, you just align the joints, and do it all over again… it’s that simple!"

Basement wall covered in seamless, dry stack style panels ==. The finished project has an absolutely seamless stone texture.

That being said, Nick admits not everything was easy; but nothing was beyond the skill set of the competent home carpenter.

"The most challenging part was just making sure we measured twice and cut once, and worked our way around our door.  Other than that, it was like a jigsaw puzzle, and I would highly recommend this upgrade to anyone."

Finished basement. With the TV and furniture in place, it's impossible to tell the wall isn't really stone. Finished. With the TV and furniture in place, it's impossible to tell the wall isn't really stone.

Three hours. A fraction of the cost of using real stone. I think Nick's "wow factor" wall is a great example of faux panels at their best.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.