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Basement Bar Ideas: Refreshing Your Bar With Wall Paneling

Basement Bar Ideas: Refreshing Your Bar With Wall Paneling

Durable finishes and thoughtful design can turn an underused bar or coffee counter into a natural place to gather with family or entertain friends. Here’s how to create a stylish in-home bar or beverage station using our quality faux panels.

Basement Bar Ideas: Faux Finishes Serve Up Style

Whether you’re hosting the big game or serving up steamed cocoa for the kids, a beautifully refurbished basement bar will quickly become the perfect focal point for entertaining.

Just a few smart design choices can turn your bar from drab to fab. Quality faux finishes are affordable, easy to install, and will add a touch of luxury that your family will love and your guests will be sure to appreciate.

Here’s how to make it happen:

What’s Your Vision?

Everyone knows what their ideal bar looks like—that special space that will fit in perfectly with the style of your home. Cobblestone ties in nicely with traditional, rustic or farmhouse looks, while sleek stacked stone backdrops will complement modern or urban/industrial spaces. Either way, it’s never been easier to find the finishes to make it happen!

Unsure where to begin? Not sure if you are more into modern coastal or boho chic? Take a look at our handy design style quiz to get you started.

Work With What You Have

Faux finishes give you the flexibility to transform your existing space without the need for costly renovations. Keep tear down and framing up to a minimum with panels that can be mounted right onto existing drywall. Instead, add interest or shift the focus by using cladding or accent details where they are needed.

Sample It

Unsure how a style that catches your eye will actually look in your space. Bring home a few samples and hang them in different locations. Unlike the real thing, faux stone products make it a lot easier to change your mind!

Match It

There’s also no need to change out existing countertops or fittings if they are in good condition. Match your finishes to your fittings, not the other way round. We are sure to have a color or tone that complements your existing space.

Step It Up

Nervous about making wholesale changes? There’s also no reason you need to go the whole hog with your design idea right away. Clad the front of our bar and live with it for a while, then extend it to the surrounding areas when you are ready.

Advantages of Stone Veneer

Quality faux stone finishes bring the enduring charm and authenticity of natural stone to your basement bar vision without the expense or hassle of a major renovation project.


Whether it’s the traditional charm of dressed stone or the contemporary hues of dry stack, using quality faux stone paneling is a practical way to add the appearance of real stone at a reasonable price.

Easy Installation

Lightweight faux stone products are easy to install in your home DIY projects. Our faux stone panels are a fraction of the weight of real stone and don’t require reinforced bracing or special hardware.


Faux stone veneers from Barron Designs are made from tough high-density polyurethane that won’t crack, peel, or split—even when exposed to heat, moisture, or direct sunlight. This makes them the perfect, practical choice for accentuating a bar area.

Low Maintenance

Unlike drywall panels and fibreboard trim, our faux stone products shrug off the inevitable nicks and scuffs that come with regular use. Our panels can be easily cleaned with a mild soap or detergent solution — so you can spend more time polishing those pint glasses!


A faux stone product allows you to choose the exact material, color, and texture to make your vision a reality. Barron Designs stocks a wide range of stone wall panel choices to bring just the right atmosphere to your basement entertainment area.

Faux Finishes, Real Options

A little authenticity goes a long way. Use our products to add interest, and draw focus in a way that complements and accentuates your existing style.

Basement bar ideas are endless when you consider the uses for faux stone, brick, and wood panels.

Face it

Set your bar area aside with attractive cladding on the front and sides of the counter. Our tough, light panels are easy to attach to plywood or drywall and our luxury finishes will make your guests eager to pull up a stool!

Go to the Wall

Mounting stone finishes on a section of a wall is a creative way to bring the feel of a traditional pub or favorite downtown coffee spot into your basement. It makes a great focal point for your entertaining area, even if you only have a little space to spare.

Beam It Up

Barron Design also supplies a wide range of wood and faux wood beam products. These are great for complementing or adding interest to your bar or even subtly shifting the feel of your space by adding design detail. Check out our range of beams, trusses, corbels and more.

Island Life

Faux wood products are particularly useful if you are turning an existing island into an entertainment centerpiece. Not only do our faux stone panels make 360-degree decorating a cinch, but they also make it easy to add discreet access panels for your island’s plumbing!

Ready to Get Started? Talk to Barron Designs Today!

Barron Designs is here to help you turn your basement bar idea into a reality. As a leading supplier of faux materials, we offer a wide range of stone panels that will add charm and authenticity to your entertaining area at an affordable price.

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