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Affordable Cottage Design Ideas

Affordable Cottage Design Ideas

You want your home to be stylish and comfortable, and a cottage-style home is just that. It’s the home that’s nestled perfectly into its surroundings but stands apart from the rest. It stands out, not because of its size, but because of its cozy, warm aesthetic. It has stone accents on the exterior, rustic wood beams inviting you into the living room, and smooth river rock surrounding the fireplace.

Cottage design ideas don’t have to be expensive. In fact, you can achieve them by installing wood, stone, and river rock panels on your interior and exterior surfaces, and you won’t spend a fortune on the real thing.

Cottage Design Ideas For Your Home’s Exterior

Your home doesn’t have to exist in a vast countryside, surrounded by trees and streams to have that same cottage-style feel. You can transform the exterior of your home in the city, into an eclectic cottage-style home by making a few, easy changes. Stone, shiplap, and river rock panels are affordable DIY products to use. By adhering panels to your home’s exterior, you’ll create a cottage-style home anyone will be comfortable living in.

Keep reading for more cottage design ideas for your home’s exterior.

Cottage Design For Your Home’s Exterior Walls

Anson Fieldstone Panels are ideal for installing on your home’s exterior walls, such as front porches and facades, or on your outdoor fireplace surround, for a warm, rustic look. This product comes in many color varieties.

We suggest using the Blended Quarry or Ponderosa for the cottage-style look.

River Rock Panels are a natural choice for use all around your backyard. Keeping things looking natural is super important when fashioning a cottage-style home. River rock panels are great as an accent wall behind your outdoor seating area or around the bottom of your home’s exterior, to add more interest and curb appeal.

A great option here is the “Multicolor” variety. It looks as though it was just pulled from a stream in the middle of the woods.

Reclaimed Shiplap Panels can be installed over top of your front porch ceiling to create an impressive cottage-style entryway, or it can adhere to an exterior wall for a vintage, reclaimed look.

For this panel, the “Rustic” shiplap variety suits the cottage style best, since it has the same look as wood reclaimed from a vintage barn. Sounds cozy, right?

Cottage Design For Your Outdoor Fireplace

Multi Color River Rock Panels transform your ordinary outdoor fireplace into a beautiful, rustic centerpiece. Plus, these panels look just like natural rock, which is a necessary element for any cottage-style home.

Anson Fieldstone Stone Panels are an impressive panel to install on your outdoor fireplace. Anson Fieldstone will give your fireplace that cabin-like feel you crave. This product is available in eight color varieties that all provide the natural, textured look and feel of real fieldstone.

Wood Mantels that are vintage-inspired are the perfect complement to your fireplace. Our gorgeous wood mantels are cast from real wood, so they have the same look and texture of real wood, without the heavy weight. And with these 17 varieties to choose from, you are sure to find one that brings the entire look together:

  • 4 textures of custom mantels made from real wood.
  • 12 textures of custom faux wood mantels (cast from real wood)
  • 1 texture of Quick Ship faux wood mantels (cast from real wood). Available in 2 sizes with faster shipping than custom mantels.

multicolor river rock faux wall panels on an outdoor fireplace is a cozy cottage design idea

Cottage Design Ideas For Your Home’s Interior

Now, step inside your dream cottage-style home. What do you feel? You likely feel the warmth that the mismatched, imperfect furniture provides. The rustic wood beams across the living room invite you to marvel at the stone fireplace that ties the entire room together. And the reclaimed shiplap accent wall makes you never want to leave.

Read on for more affordable cottage-style design ideas for inside your home.

Cottage Design Ideas For Your Interior Accent Walls

Cobblestone Wall Panels are ideal for a cottage-style home because the rugged interlocking design is full of rustic charm and offbeat beauty. The cozy texture of cobblestone is well-suited for a bedroom accent wall or as a feature wall in your living room.

Even better, these panels are made to be taller, so they are perfect for wainscotting and will fit well underneath most windows. This reduces wasteful cutting and saves you more money.

Reclaimed Shiplap is another panel that will give your cottage-style home that all-important reclaimed wood element. Shiplap panels can be used in any room as an accent wall and can be installed on your ceiling for a welcoming entryway. You can even install these panels over your existing popcorn ceiling for an impressive cottage-inspired look!

rustic faux shiplap wall panels are used as a cottage design focal point in a living room

Cottage Design For Your Indoor Fireplace

Your indoor fireplace is a place of gathering during cold months and typically the spot where you display family heirlooms and special photographs on the mantel. Make it a focal point of your cottage-style home with river rock panels.

River Rock Panels look as though they were just pulled from a creek in the woods. Their smooth, natural texture and multi-color variances make your indoor fireplace surround pop. And although they look just like real river rock, these panels aren’t heavy. In fact, they are extremely lightweight and can be lifted and installed yourself in just a few hours.

Don’t forget – to complement your cottage-style fireplace, you’ll need a timeless Mantel.

Complete Your Cottage-Style Home

Every cozy cottage-style home needs a few complementary elements to tie it all together.

Ceiling Beams are a very cost-effective way to express the cottage vibe inside of your home. By installing wood beams across your ceiling, you’re inviting comfort and warmth into your home.

Faux wood beams are cast from real wood, so they have the same look and texture as the real thing, yet they are lightweight and easy to install yourself. There is no need to hire a professional to install them.

Also, consider incorporating reclaimed, vintage furniture inside your home. Don’t be afraid to use mismatched furniture sets, chalkboard-painted cabinets, and repurposed lamps. The cottage-style design isn’t supposed to be perfect!

Around your windows, hang light, airy drapes to compliment your accent walls and wood beams in your living room. Throw pillows on beds, couches, and benches for the perfect finishing touch.

Benefits Of Using Panels For Cottage Design Ideas

Using faux panels as opposed to real, natural stone, rock, and wood is the easiest and most affordable way to transform your home from its ordinary state, into a quirky cottage-style dream home. You’ll be amazed at how easy they are to install yourself.

Why are faux panels a better, more affordable choice?

  • They are super lightweight, making them easy to install yourself in just a few hours.
  • You will save money by installing them yourself. There is no need to hire a professional.
  • Panels are made of durable polyurethane making them resistant to the elements.
  • Faux wood doesn't warp like real wood and won't attract pests.
  • All panels are weather resistant and won’t fade, chip, or crack.
  • There is minimal upkeep, giving you more free time to enjoy your home.
  • Because each panel is cast from natural materials, they have the same look and texture as real wood, rock, and stone.

Transforming your home into a cottage-style sanctuary doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. By using faux panels, you can achieve the look for a fraction of the cost and completely transform a room or your home’s exterior in just a few hours.

Barron Designs offers a wide variety of river rock, faux wood, and cobblestone panels that are perfectly suited for all of your cottage design ideas. Click below to learn more about other stone panel varieties we offer, as well as beautiful faux wood beams.

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