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Customer Design Projects

A Faux Recipe for Success

A Faux Recipe for Success

A Recipe for Success

While the chef will take care of how the plate looks, restaurant owners and managers have the equally daunting task of creating an enticing appearance in their dining rooms – creating an ambience that will have customers and their friends make it the new favorite foodie haunt.

With all the chef competitions and restaurant wars on reality television today, even the average layperson knows that presentation counts for big points in a dining experience...almost as much as yummy food.

We were excited to see one of our customer's restaurant come to life with our Raised Grain faux wood beams.They sent us a photo to show us the final outcome. Now only if we could get a New York Strip Steak to go with it…

Raised Grain Faux Wood Ceiling Beams Raised Grain Faux Wood Ceiling Beams