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5 Beam Hacks to Make Your Project Easier

5 Beam Hacks to Make Your Project Easier

Mind Boggling Beam Hacks to Make Your Project Easier

Our products are designed for DIY-friendly handling and installation, but sometimes you need an extra tip or two to make everything go smoothly and get the look you want. Below are just a few of our most popular beam hacks to make your project easier.

1. Paint Your Own Knots

Our beams already have a vividly realistic appearance and texture of real wood, but you can expand on this look with this quick painting technique to create \"knots". See how it's done...

Faux wood trusses with painted knots

2. A Different Angle

Sometimes a ceiling where you want to install your beams doesn't have nice and simple 90-degree angles. This easy trick will help you make sure your beams are cut properly for an excellent fit. Get the hack...


3. All Together Now

In some situations your design will call for two beams joined together to completely span the length of your ceiling. But how can you make them look like one continuous beam? Find out here...


4. Recessed Is In

Adding recessed lights to faux beams is a snap with their easy-to-drill material and hollow design for hiding wires and other hardware. But how many lights do you need and how should they be spaced? Find out here...


5. Brush Up on This

Drybrushing is a cool finishing technique that's particularly useful if you're painting or staining your beams in lighter colors. Learn how here...


Want more tips? Head over to our Video gallery and check out the How-To series.