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Solid Replacement Viga Tail Installation - Adhesive Only

  • Bucket Bucket
  • Acrylic Cement Acrylic Cement
  • Water Water
  • Stir Stick Stir Stick
  • 1/4” Notch
Trowel 1/4” Notch Trowel
  • Green Float Green Float
  • Nails &
Hammer Nails & Hammer
  • Screws &
Drill Driver Screws & Drill Driver
NOTE: Acrylic Cement can be FoamTek, PolyBond, Poly Prep or similar

  • Be sure to obey all safety rules and recommendations set forth by tool manufacturers.
  • Always follow any, and all, local, state, and federal building codes.
  • Always comply with any specified clearances set forth by the manufacturers of stoves, fireplaces, furnaces, and any other heat sources.

Click Here for Care and Maintenance info.


Step 1

Ensure the surface is structurally sound and in good condition.

Step 2

Prepare the acrylic cement by slowly mixing in water until it is thoroughly mixed and is a creamy consistency.

Step 3

Spread the cement on the back of the viga tail using a 1/4” notch trowel and green float.

Step 4

Adhere viga tail to the wall at the desired location. Use a twisting motion to ensure good contact between the viga tail and the wall.

Step 5

Toe nail a few nails/screws to hold the viga tail in place while the adhesive dries.

Step 6

After the adhesive is completely dry (at least 24 hours), remove the nails/screws.