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Beam Plate Installation Instructions


Step 1:

Determine Mounting Location

  1. Hold the strap to the desired location. If the strap is too long use a utility knife and straight edge to trim it to size.
  2. Use a pencil to trace the mounting location.

Step 2:

Apply Adhesive

Apply a ¼” bead of adhesive to the back of the strap, avoiding the edges.

Step 3:

Install Strap

  1. Line the strap up with the marks made in Step 1. Press firmly on the strap working from the center to ensure good contact between the adhesive and the beam.
  2. Screw the strap to the beam.
  3. Wipe any excess adhesive with a clean cloth.

HINT: Placing screws at the base of nuts/bolts will help conceal them.

Step 4:


  1. Look at the strap from the ground. If the strap is not laying flat against the beam install additional screws.
  2. f screw heads are visible, hide them using black caulk or permanent marker.