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To install:


Determine how wide the door
'overlap' will be. The overlap is
the distance between the leading
edge of the door when fully open,
and the trailing edge of the door
when fully closed (1).

Mark centerline of overlap and
place center of guide on line (2).


Predrill and install on floor so door
will hang plumb.

General Notes:

For use when slotting the bottom of door
for 'T' type guide is not desired or not

Single mounting screw allows easy
installation and alignment.


Smooth, high strength glide plastic
guides door gently and quietly.




  • Failure to wear proper safety gear (i.e., eye protection) may result in serious injury or death. Always wear proper safety gear before using power tools.
  • Improper operation of power tools may result in loss of control, serious injury or death. Always ensure you have complete control of the power tool and the work area is free of hazards before operating any tool.
  • Lack of secure clamping of the door may result in unexpected movement of the door, loss of power tool control and serious injury or death. Always securely clamp the door in place before cutting or drilling the door.
  • Lack of nor improperly installed Anti-jump Disc may result in the door coming off the track and cause serious injury or death. Installation of Anti-jump Disks is required for the safe operation of this hardware. Installed correctly, these discs will keep the door securely attached to the track.



  • Mishandling of heavy objects (i.e., doors) may cause a loss of balance and severe injury. Always be sure you have a secure hold on the item and that the objects are balanced before moving. Always wear safety shoes when lifting heavy objects
  • Getting body parts (i.e., hair, fingers) caught in moving parts may cause pinching and severe injury. Do not put fingers in parts that may move and always remove or contain anything on your body that may become entangled with a moving part.
  • Closing sliding doors with your hand on the end of the door may result in your hand or fingers, getting caught between the door and other solid objects (i.e., another door, molding), causing severe injury. Always use the door handle to operate doors.