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Barn Door Product Care and Warranty

Product Care

If damage to a powder coated finish occurs during installation, apply touch-up
paint(not included, available for purchase).



An attractive surface rust may develop on raw steel in humid environments. Surface
rust does not affect the structural integrity of the hardware. If this appearance is not
desired, remove rust deposits using a ScotchBrite™ pad and then apply wax, such
as Johnson® Paste Finish Wax. After letting the wax sit, buff with a lint-free cloth.




  • Use a Scotch-Brite™ pad to buff out minor scratches and imperfections.
  • Periodically check the hardware for loose fasteners. Verify fasteners are
  • Keep the track and wheels free of dust and debris. Periodically wipe the track
  with a lint-free cloth dampened with water, a household stainless steel cleaner,
  or a silicone spray.



Hardware manufactured by Real Carriage Door & Sliding Hardware (hereafter referred to as
“Real”) is warranted to be free from defects in material and craft under intended use for a period of
2 years from the date of purchase by the original owner. This warranty does not cover finishes.
Hardware sold by RealCraft but manufactured by others will be covered under the manufacturer’s
warranty. If RealCraft determines that any hardware is defective, RealCraft will, at its option, repair
or replace the defective part(s). Under no circumstances, RealCraft is liable for indirect or
consequential damages of any kind. RealCraft will not be liable nor assume responsibility for
damage or operational failures caused by supporting structures, surrounding structures, and/or
equipment. RealCraft is not responsible if the hardware is overloaded beyond the manufacturer’s
rated capacity or improperly used in an application beyond the manufacturer’s intended or
recommended use, nor is RealCraft liable for external causes such as abuse or acts of Nature.
Periodic maintenance and adjustments are the responsibility of the owner. RealCraft will not cover
maintenance and/or adjustments or any services. Any hardware that has been modified voids all
warranties. RealCraft will assume no liability for any labor charges relative to the removal or reinstallation
of any product.


Definition: “Warp” refers to a variation within the plane of the door itself. Warp does not refer to
the door in relation to the frame or jamb in which it is hung.
Allowable Tolerance: Pursuant to WDMA I.S.6A, the allowable tolerance for 1-3/4” (and thicker)
doors is 1/4” maximum in any 3’6” x 6’8” section.

Action on any claim for warp may be deferred for up to one year after project completion
to permit doors to acclimate to temperature and humidity conditions. The deferral period does not
count against the warranty period.


Real Barn Door Kits (hereafter referred to as RBDK) manufactured by RealCraft is warranted to
be free from defects in material and craft under intended use for 1 (one) year from the date of
purchase by the original owner. Nicks, scratches, splinters, and rough spots are not considered
defects and are inherent in a natural product. This warranty shall not extend or cover exterior
uses of the RBDK. This warranty shall not extend or cover non-sliding applications of the RBDK.
Finishes, whether applied by RealCraft or the original owner, are not covered in this warranty.
The RBDK must be adequately sealed on all sides with a high-quality sealant or primer and
finish paint within 7 (seven) days of receiving the kit. This warranty shall not extend to or cover
any damages or claims for defects if the RBDK is not sealed and/or painted within the specified
period. Should the RBDK be found defective as determined by RealCraft or its representatives
(e.g., warp-age, structural cracks, etc.), RealCraft will replace or repair said part(s). RealCraft will
not be liable for applying a finish to replacement parts. Maintenance and adjustments are the
owner’s responsibility. RealCraft will not reimburse for any maintenance services, nor will
Real assume liability for any labor charges relative to the removal or re-installation of
replacement part(s). Any door that has been modified beyond its intended use voids all


As wood is a material with natural properties and inherent characteristics, the following
are not considered defects:

1. Knots (filled or unfilled) in Rustic, Reclaimed or so-called “Knotty” wood doors, or doors
over 2-1/4” in thickness.
2. Natural color, texture, and density variances in any species
3. Nicks, scratches, splinters, tight knots (smaller than a quarter), or “wooly” areas in some
4. Superficial surface checks up to 3/64” in width



Upon purchasing a RealCraft product, the buyer accepts this warranty and agrees it is the only official warranty, thereby excluding any other representation of warranty or condition, whether written or implied, offered by whomever, except if stated in writing by an authorized RealCraft agent.
These warranties are subject to the following restrictions:
The product has not been modified by or for the consumer by someone other than an authorized Real agent. The product has been used for its intended use under normal conditions, for individual residential use (excluding multiple residences or condominium). The product has been properly installed (This may require verification by an approved Real agent.)

Any claim must be submitted in writing to RealCraft within thirty (30) days of discovering the alleged defect and must be received by RealCraft within the warranty period. RealCraft shall not honor the warranty if this timeframe is not followed.



These warranties expressly exclude:
Any costs related to transporting the replacement product;
Any installation and labor charges related to the replacement product;
Any paint charges in the event the original door have been painted by or for the client;
Any cost that the user of Real products may incur in exercising this warranty;
Any cost resulting from an accident in the event of defective materials.



  • Failure to wear proper safety gear (i.e., eye protection) may result in serious injury or death. Always wear proper safety gear before using power tools.
  • Improper operation of power tools may result in loss of control, serious injury or death. Always ensure you have complete control of the power tool and the work area is free of hazards before operating any tool.
  • Lack of secure clamping of the door may result in unexpected movement of the door, loss of power tool control and serious injury or death. Always securely clamp the door in place before cutting or drilling the door.
  • Lack of nor improperly installed Anti-jump Disc may result in the door coming off the track and cause serious injury or death. Installation of Anti-jump Disks is required for the safe operation of this hardware. Installed correctly, these discs will keep the door securely attached to the track.



  • Mishandling of heavy objects (i.e., doors) may cause a loss of balance and severe injury. Always be sure you have a secure hold on the item and that the objects are balanced before moving. Always wear safety shoes when lifting heavy objects
  • Getting body parts (i.e., hair, fingers) caught in moving parts may cause pinching and severe injury. Do not put fingers in parts that may move and always remove or contain anything on your body that may become entangled with a moving part.
  • Closing sliding doors with your hand on the end of the door may result in your hand or fingers, getting caught between the door and other solid objects (i.e., another door, molding), causing severe injury. Always use the door handle to operate doors.