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Wellington Column Wrap - Medium

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$286.85 / each

Production Time Approx. 5 to 8 weeks *This is an estimate based upon size of order

The Wellington Dry Stack faux stone column opens up a world of interior and exterior design options, whether you're looking to supplement an existing home remodeling project or starting anew.

Thanks to its strong polyurethane construction, this column can withstand extreme temperatures and wet weather without chipping, cracking or peeling. Indoors, it won't attract pests like termites or succumb to moisture and is virtually maintenance free.

One of our most popular products, DIYers love the Dry Stack faux stone column. Its four interlocking panels can be easily assembled and create a professional looking result with just a little care. With a wide selection of color options, you're sure to find the right choice for your design.

Column cap not included. To create a standalone pillar rather than a wraparound, just add the Wellington Column Cap - Medium (SKU BWECC--PMN). 


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