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New designs and remodels are a lot of hard work. Even if you hire a professional interior designer, you most likely will put a good amount of time and effort into planning and decision-making.

What better way to show off the fruits of your labor than with before and after photos? We love when our customers share them with us because they best show the difference our products make.

Before you start your project, take a look at a few of our favorites below.

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With three kids and another’s due date fast approaching, Dave and Lizzy were desperate to get out of their rental and into the home of their dreams.

While Jonathan and Drew stepped in to help, Lizzy went online and found The price of the beams matched her budget and the brothers were equally amazed with their realistic look and ease of installation.

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Our company and its products have a reputation for being straightforward and easy to work with. But of course you will have questions, especially if you’re new to faux — and we want to answer them!

Below are a few of our frequently asked questions. Click here to see them all.

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The best part of home remodeling is the point at which all of the planning and hard work is done and you get to show off your new design. What makes the big reveal even more dramatic is when you’ve seen the “Before”.

These 5 projects are just a few examples of how faux panels can make your “After” amazing.

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In our last newsletter we introduced you to a few beam designs on flat ceilings. This month we’re coming from a different angle — how beams can enhance cathedral or vaulted ceilings.

In bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms and more — as you can see in these 5 projects, wherever there’s a pitch, there’s a perfect beam.

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As the old song goes, “Sometimes you want to go, where everybody knows your name.” What better place than your own home?


Before it gets well stocked, your bar should also be well designed. These 5 projects will get you in the spirit!

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Some or all of the rooms in your home may have flat ceilings, but this doesn’t mean their design needs to “fall flat”. This month we’re highlighting how faux beams can be installed in innovative ways to give a flat-ceilinged room more shape and visual interest.

Check out these five customer projects that used beams to transform their ceiling from plain canvas to a 3-D work of art.

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You may be saying to yourself, “April is almost over, there’s no way I’ll be able to get an exterior project done in time for summer.”

But there is hope. Our panels and other products are so easy to install, they will help you create or remodel a home exterior or outdoor space in a matter of hours or days — not weeks or months.

So get a jumpstart on your project now! Check out these 5 designs that were completed quickly and beautifully with faux stone.

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