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Timber!! Ceiling Beams

Timber!! Ceiling Beams

We recently received these photos from professional builder and a homeowner who both chose faux wood Timber beams for their ceiling design projects. Jim of Better Build Enterprises used the Timber ceiling beams throughout a client’s home in San Antonia, TX, while Jennifer installed them in her own home in Sioux Falls, SD. We’re not going to tell you which photos belong to who…if you can tell the difference you get a medal!

Timber Beams Keeps Them Guessing! 

"Everyone that walks through our door comments on our timber beams. They look at us in disbelief when we tell them they aren't really wood. They just keep looking up and staring at them! I am a designer and am VERY picky on what I choose to use for products in a home. I personally picked Faux Wood Beams because of the fair price, practicality, but most importantly their GREAT look!! One of my clients saw them, thought they were real, and when they found out they weren't-gasped in disbelief! She said that they had just spent a lot of money on real beams and the reinforcing of their ceiling/rafters to be able to support them. I can't wait to find more places to use these faux wood products!" - Jennifer S. Sioux Falls, SD

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