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Kitchen Design

Outdoor Kitchen Makeover

Summer’s almost over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy spending time outdoors.  Barbecuing is a must around this time of year, and now with Faux Panels you can be grilling with style. Decorating your outdoor kitchen, barbecue or deck area with Faux Panels is so easy and the results will last a lifetime. You’ll begin receiving compliments almost immediately.Here’s just one example of what our customer’s have done to their “grilling stations”:
Oxford Faux Panel Grill Click to enlarge Oxford Faux Panel Grill Click to enlarge

This satisfied customer told us,

“I was building a frame for my grill and it soon turned into a whole bar and grill project. Originally I was going to use a stone veneer and I priced it out. Price was not an issue, but the weight was. My wife's company had built me a frame out of aluminum and I doubt it would have supported the heavy stone and so I went on an internet search. It was a matter of minutes before I discovered faux panels and my samples were on the way.”

Our panels are perfect for your indoor and outdoor decoration needs. With numerous styles and colors and colors, there’s a panel for just about any home modification.  And for jobs that may include an open flame near the panels, be sure to check out the Oxford and Norwich lines. Both lines have the option to be fire-rated.