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polyurethane beams

No Team Needed to Install Polyurethane Beams

No Team Needed to Install Polyurethane Beams

We've already written about the many advantages of our realistic looking polyurethane beams over the real thing - but one thing that deserves repeating is how they can cut down on manpower considerably.

Polyurethane Beam Installation: No Team Needed

Home remodeling using polyurethane beams lets you cut down on time and manpower in order to save big. Ty Pennington and other top designers go faux for a great look that costs less and installs more quickly and easily.

Just think about this - a real timber beam can weigh well over a hundred pounds (or more.)

To simply heft one of those off the truck and into the room it's being installed in takes the efforts of at least two guys.

Our faux wood beams, on the other hand, are molded from tough, durable and light polyurethane foam - which means (depending on the length) they can easily be carried by a single person - and if you do need two to do the job, it's only to keep the beam rigid to prevent it getting damaged on the trip.

The light weight also helps with installation.

For a start, you can secure one of our polyurethane beams to the ceiling with regular screws - whereas a real timber beam would require bolts, steel and reinforcement.

Home remodeling to include faux ceiling beams, synthetic wood accents, corbels and more is a simple and easy process with our polurethane beams. As you can see from the finished project, our synthetic wooden beams look every bit as good as their authentic timber alternatives.

It can also be held in place with one hand and installed with the other - again making home remodeling and installation a one or two person job.

In terms of labor costs and convenience, this is a big savings - and the major reason why our products are increasingly popular with contractors and high-end interior designers.

Want more proof? Just look at how our faux wood products became a fixture on top-rated TV shows like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

These pictures were taken from an episode in which Ty Pennington and the team created a new home for the Skaggs family - and our faux wood beams helped them get an incredible look on time and within budget.

In short - if you are trying to decide between real wood and our faux alternative, make the same choice the professionals and TV's top designers do - go for our beautiful polyurethane beams. They're more affordable, easier to install and they look every bit as good as the real thing.