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Knock Knock: Guessing Game with Interior Stone Walls

Knock Knock: Guessing Game with Interior Stone Walls

Interior stone walls created with our panels look so good, we're always trying to figure out which ones are real or not!

Living room accented with stone wall. Is it real or faux? Real or faux? It's a game all the team have found themselves playing.

Recently some of the team were chatting, and we all confessed a weird little habit we'd all developed. When we were out and about - whether at a hotel, or restaurant, or even somebody's house - we'd all be fascinated by stone or brick surfaces we saw - sometimes even running up to tap or touch them!

The reason why? We're all wondering if wall is real, or made from one of our 'faux' products.

And that's the thing with our panels: Their look is so authentic, it's impossible to tell at a glance whether they're real or not. You have to actually go up and examine them up close.

The irony is that much of the time, the walling will turn out to be a stone or brick 'reproduction' - in which actual brick or cement pieces are laid and attached one on top of the other as if building a real 'slice' of wall.

While they fulfill the aesthetic need, wall surfaces made from real stone or brick tend to be expensive and time-consuming to install, and add significant weight.

It's difficult to overstate just HOW GOOD our panels look, even in direct comparison to 'real' stone or brick.

In contrast, faux panels come as large, single sheets that can be attached directly to drywall or cement - slotting together like a jigsaw for a seamless finish. Compared to hand-installing actual stone or brick, this takes a fraction of the time and costs much less.

And, at the end of the day, if the finished product looks just as good; why bother with a more expensive and impractical alternative?

That being said, for those who prefer the tactile sensation and weight of real stone, also offers a high-quality product that combines the best of both worlds. Versetta Ledgestone panels are reproductions of real ledgestone made not out of high-density polyurethane foam, but lightweight, cement-based aggregate materials. In that way they have the same feel and touch of rock; but again cost a fraction of the amount and are much easier to install.

The great thing about our products is that they give you choices - and in general, whichever choice you make ends up being superior to the 'real thing.'