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false beams

How much do false beams weigh? Well, they're as light as a Faux-ther.

How much do false beams weigh? Well, they're as light as a Faux-ther.

The title might be a bad pun but it's true. Take a look at how light our faux wood beams really are.

How Much do False Beams Weigh?

With it's polyurethane composition and hollow design, this fake beam is extremely lightweight without sacrificing on durability and quality. They might weigh a fraction of what real timber does, but our faux beams look every bit as good.

There are a lot of reasons why "going faux" makes a smarter choice for your home design projects than trying to use real wood or timber. Our faux wood beams look just as good, cost a fraction of the price and can be installed in just a few hours, using nothing more than a regular wood saw, screws and wooden mounting blocks.

But if there's one reason customers keep repeating as to why our beams rise above the competition, it's because of the fact that they weigh a fraction of what real wood does.

Our beams are made from tough and durable molded polyurethane foam - which perfectly captures the vivid textures of real timber, but is made up of solid air-filled foam cells which make our beams incredibly light and portable.

A 16 foot faux timber beam, for example, typically weighs only about 20lbs; meaning that a single person can easily carry one.

It goes without saying that this makes a big difference when it comes to installation - but the lightweight beams also save hundreds or potentially thousands of dollars on transportation costs; whether you're using traditional shipping methods or just loading beams into the back of a truck.

Weight is one of the primary reasons why our false beams aren't just "as good" as the real thing - for many home installation projects, our faux beams are actually better!