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Faux Wood vs. Moisture

Faux Wood vs. Moisture

Most of us are aware that wood and moisture don't mix. Particularly in areas subject to high humidity such as a bathroom, sauna or pool area - most people avoid using wood products on their floors, ceilings or walls. Even if the wood is \"finished" with a stain or sealer, eventually that water is going to find its way in to cause cracking, paint peeling, rot and possible health-threatening mold.

Unfortunately, this restricts a home or business owner from getting the unique look of wood that they want within these types of areas. Fortunately, there is a solution.

Moisture Vs. Faux Wood

Faux wood beams and ceiling panels are all made of polyurethane - a petrochemical-based material with a closed cell structure that is impervious to moisture, and which also prevents the "moisture migration" beneath coatings or paint that causes peeling.

A large-scale example of a design that used Woodland faux wood beams and ceiling panels in a high-humidity area can be found at the Ameristar casino in Black Hawk, CO. Jeff Arnold, the Project Manager of the construction firm that handled the build explains the project:

"As part of a hotel addition to an Ameristar casino, we needed to cover steel trusses 35 feet above an indoor pool. Because we could get custom-sized beams from, we could wrap them perfectly around the steel. The faux beams are lightweight and waterproof, ideal for the humid environment high above the pool. And they look exactly like real wood, very high-quality. I’m really impressed."

Maybe you have parts of your own home or place of business where you'd like to get that wood look on the ceiling, but shied away because of moisture concerns. Go ahead - let it get hot and steamy - faux beams can take it!

See how other customers used Woodland faux ceiling beams in their own home at our gallery of project photos. If you prefer a stone or brick look for your walls, Faux Panels are made of the same polyurethane material that is immune to moisture.