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DIY Front Porch Columns

DIY Front Porch Columns

If you’re looking for a way to update your home’s exterior, liven up your entryway, or merely boost your curb appeal, the front porch is a great place to start. And one of the most important elements on your front porch is the style and appearance of your porch columns. If you haven’t given them much thought in the past, this is the time to change that. Applying a simple upgrade to your porch columns can transform the look of your home.

Porch columns do much more than support the roof over your porch; they help define the style of your home. These days, unless you have an ultra-contemporary exterior, those skinny columns should be a thing of the past. Not only do they give your home a very dated look, but they also appear out of place — especially when they look like they’re not strong enough to hold up your roof!

Wrought iron porch columns are another feature that is no longer trendy. No matter what you do to the rest of the porch, wrought iron porch columns keep your home’s appearance stuck in the last century.

Update your exterior with DIY Front Porch Columns

Whatever your situation, updating your porch columns is a great way to improve your home’s appearance and give it the refresh you’ve been wanting. Now let’s look at some ideas for how to do that.

Faux Stone Offers Real Results

One of the challenges with porch columns is that, unlike many elements in home renovation, you can’t simply remove them and replace them with something else. Since porch columns are weight-bearing supports of your home, you’ll have to work around them — and that’s where column wraps come in.

Column wraps allow you to transform your existing unsightly wood or wrought iron porch columns into contemporary stone columns that complement the overall look of your home. Because our faux stone column wraps are made from lightweight but durable, maintenance-free polyurethane, they are easy for the do-it-yourselfer to handle, cut and install. They’re a great way to achieve the stunning look of stone or rock without the cost of hiring a mason or stoneworker to install it.

The simplicity of installation comes from the four-piece “glue and screw” design that lets you complete your project in a fraction of the time (and at a fraction of the cost) required to install a real stone column.

Beyond affordability and ease of installation, one of the reasons that faux stone column wraps have increased in popularity is that they weather the elements extremely well. Unlike real stone, our polyurethane foam is resistant to chipping, and it’s also fade-resistant and virtually weatherproof. Plus, it is realistic in appearance and virtually impossible to distinguish from “the real thing.”

Choosing the Right Faux Stone Columns for Your Home

Several factors will influence how you choose to update your porch. Some details you’ll want to consider as you’re choosing a column wrap include:

  • How tall does it need to be? Does it need to cover the existing column from floor to ceiling, or does it only need to cover part of the post? In some cases, you might want to use the column wrap as a pedestal or base for the porch support, which is particularly effective if you’re going for a Craftsman-style design.
  • What size and style of rock or stone is right for you? Barron Designs has a large selection of faux stone column wraps that have been cast from the molds of a variety of stones and rock. You want to take into consideration the size of the porch and select a column size that will complement its environment, not overpower it. It also should look “at home” with the other design elements surrounding it.
  • What colors will work best for your porch? Stones come in a wide range of colors, and Barron Designs offers a variety of shades and tones. What kind of statement do you want to make with your porch; do you want your columns to be subtle and blend in with the rest of the porch, or do you want them to provide an elegant contrast to their surroundings? With colors that range from light grays, beige and white to deep, rich shades of slate and brown, you can surely find one that’s compatible with your home’s exterior.
  • Likewise, you have many patterns to choose from. If you’re looking for something smoother and more traditional in appearance, consider the Carlton Columns line that includes cobblestone, brick and ledgestone. But if you want more texture, you might prefer more intricate designs like the Wellington Dry Stack Columns.

Should You Try Before You Buy?

As you consider your options — and there are many of them — it could be helpful to order samples of the columns that you’re most interested in. Being able to see the color and texture in the environment where you’re going to use it can help you decide which one is best for you. A sample will also give you a glimpse of the quality and durability you can expect from your stone column, as well as help you see how much it resembles the real thing.

Although samples are nonreturnable, you can get a rebate on them when you make your next purchase.

If you’re looking to update your home’s exterior, adding stone column wraps to your porch columns could make you fall in love with your front porch. And, even better, if you’re looking to add value so you can sell your home down the road, it can help other people fall in love with it too.