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Creating a Realistic Faux Brick Accent Wall

Creating a Realistic Faux Brick Accent Wall

When you’re looking for a way to add interest to a room, creating an accent wall is an effective design technique. There are many ways to create an accent wall. You can use a different color of paint, or add wallpaper to either complement or contrast with the room’s other design elements, and make it an instant focal point. 

Another popular way to create an accent wall is to add the texture of stone, rock or brick. Adding such materials offers more character and interest to a wall than simply adding a new coat of paint, and it’s a stylish and unexpected way to transform your room.

Brick is particularly versatile because it can fit just as well in an industrial design scheme as it does in a rustic environment. Rough, weathered or whitewashed brick can provide contrast to the sleek furniture in a room, boasting a modern design. It can create an immediate open-loft vibe. In fact, there are very few settings where a brick accent wall won’t work, and it can be used in an unlimited number of ways.

Not too many years ago, creating a brick accent wall depended on having an original brick wall to work with — or going to the expense of having one installed in your home. Installing a brick wall was typically cost prohibitive, since it requires either having experience working with brick, or hiring a professional mason to do the work. But thanks to faux brick materials, you can create this look on virtually any wall in any room in your home.

Faux Brick Accent Wall Ideas

If you’re concerned that a faux brick accent wall will look cheap or fake, do not worry. The molds and technology used today are so sophisticated that it’s almost impossible to discern Barron Designs’ faux brick wall panels from actual brick. That’s because our process is designed to give it not just the look of real brick, but the texture of real brick, too. Our panels are made in molds cast from the real thing, so they capture the variations in texture and even the imperfections found in brick.

But, because our panels are made from lightweight polyurethane, they are easy to handle and install, which means it’s a project that can be completed in just a few hours without the need to hire a contractor or brick mason. They can be cut to size with a regular wood saw and installed in just a few minutes using construction adhesive and regular wood screws. And, because the panels interlock, they have a seamless look that contributes to the realistic appearance.

A Look for Every Room

The uniform pattern and warm, natural colors provided by brick adds texture and beauty to its surroundings, which is why it’s appealing in rooms that might have been overlooked in the past. In a kitchen, for example, a brick accent wall can substitute as a backsplash and add an unexpected bit of character. A rough brick texture can add an industrial element to the smooth counters and cabinets in a modern kitchen, while bright red brick instantly lends a rich look to a dark kitchen.

And it doesn’t stop there. Today, a brick accent wall feels at home in almost any room in the house. It’s popular for bedrooms, offices, family rooms and living rooms. It can also help create a home bar or wine cellar, and it’s a great solution for an accent wall leading into a basement.

Faux brick panels allow you to extend the look into multiple rooms. You can even create an accent wall that visually connects to an existing type of brick in your home, such as bringing the look and feel of your exterior brick inside. (See our photo gallery for ideas on the many ways you can add interest with faux brick wall panels.)

Finding the Faux Brick Look That’s Right for You

Just as with real brick, there are many different colors and styles of faux brick panels. You can achieve a few different effects using different styles of brick. For example, if you have a living room or bedroom with a shabby chic décor, try adding a whitewashed brick accent wall to give it a worn but warm feel. Or, if you want to give your bathroom a vintage look, combine Nailon Brick Siding Panels in Used Buff with antique fixtures.

Whatever your home style, there’s a way to use faux brick panels as an accent wall. For example, with their clean lines and sleek profile, Contempo panels are perfect for creating a formal, sophisticated look. They can give a classic look to a fireplace and surrounding area, and have a smooth, stylish appeal.

Old Chicago Brick panels have the weather-beaten appearance of brick that has stood the test of time (and wind and rain), giving it a rugged but welcoming feel. If you like this style, you have plenty of options; there are eight colors to choose from, ranging from the white tones of glacier and whitewashed to the red tones of merlot and baked clay.

With the right tools and a few hours of free time, you can change the look of an existing wall, and turn it into an attractive focal point that gives your interior a beautiful custom look.