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5 Smart Reasons Contractors Prefer False Beams

5 Smart Reasons Contractors Prefer False Beams

As our blog has demonstrated, there are thousands of customers all over America who use our false beams to decorate the interior and exterior of their homes. What we cover less often is how contractors and design professionals also adore our products – because it enables them to create stunning designs for a fraction of the cost or time that it would take using real wood.

5 Reasons Contractors Prefer False Beams

There’s a reason shows like Man Caves and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition use our faux wood products. With a tight budget, short deadlines and high expectations to meet, the versatility of our faux wood products is without equal.

Off-screen, hundreds of contractors have recognized the same advantages of our false beams – and that’s why more and more of them won’t use anything else.

We checked in with a few of our satisfied professional customers, and here are the five reasons they all agreed made our faux wood beams special:

  1. They look amazing: Molded directly from real timber beams, our false beams capture every grain, twist, knot and imperfection – making them practically indistinguishable from the real thing. Even in cases in which cost and time have not been an issue, contractors often still prefer our false beams because in many cases, they’re literally better than the real thing.
  2. They’re affordable: Compared to the cost of using authentic timber beams, our faux wood products are remarkably affordable. Contractors working with tight margins love this fact; since it allows them to bid competitively without compromising any of their artistic or creative vision. Our tag line is: “the look of real wood for less” and our satisfied customers prove that every day.
  3. They’re easy to install: Real timber beams can weigh hundreds of pounds. By contrast, our faux wood products are light enough for one person to pick them up and move them around. This weight benefit means it’s possible for a single contractor to complete projects that would take an entire team to build using real wood. Likewise, our beams can be installed using nothing more technical than construction adhesive and screws.
  4. They’re versatile: The state-of-the-art design of our false beams means, in many cases, they are literally “better than the real thing.” For example, our beams are hollow, so offer the opportunity to install recessed lighting, ceiling fans or run wiring invisibly through them; giving contractors the opportunity to achieve looks that simply wouldn’t be possible with real timber.
  5. They’re environmentally friendly: For contractors who think “green”, our beams are a great choice. Firstly, using faux wood saves a real tree being chopped down and turned into timber. Secondly, our false beams are made using environmentally responsible materials, and don’t give off CFCs or other greenhouse gases during their production. Finally, the carbon footprint of transporting our lightweight beams is just a fraction of what it costs to transport heavy, real wood.