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Reclaimed Faux Wood Planks BAHPL040010120LINNN

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Fire-Rated Polyurethane

Products produced with fire-rated polyurethane are intended for environments where low flame spread and smoke development ratings are required.

Note: Products made with fire-rated polyurethane:

  • Cannot be returned or exchanged
  • May extend the production time


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Production Time Approx. 5 to 7 weeks *This is an estimate based upon size of order

PLEASE NOTE that the product dimensions you are selecting are the outside dimensions of the product. 

Description of Custom Reclaimed Planks

Custom Reclaimed planks will infuse your home or business with rustic personality, adding the distinct charm of antique salvaged wood to a wall or ceiling.

Made from highly durable polyurethane foam, the planks are lightweight yet sturdy – and impervious to elements that would damage natural wood including moisture, extreme temperature and insects.

The nature of this material also makes the planks extremely realistic, capturing the texture and appearance of real antique wood in amazing detail.

With a fine selection of color choices - including unfinished to paint or stain yourself - and 1000s of custom size combinations, finding the right plank to fit your project is simple. These planks are also available with optional textured ends and/or edges and a firerated polyurethane for installations near a heat source.

Versatile, natural looking and easy to install, Custom Reclaimed planks will give your design the classic look of century-old wood without the high cost or maintenance.

Important! Any products intended to be used in an exterior application needs to be top coated with a high quality clear coat exterior polyurethane with a UV inhibitor to protect the finish from fading.

Please note that planks are textured and finished (or primed if ordering unfinished) on the face only. Even when adding textured/finished edges and/or ends, the backside of the plank will not be textured or primed/finished.

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